Privacy Policy

What collects and what it is used for

  • Visited url at, referer, browser, operating system, device type, visitor country use (a privacy-friendly analytics) so we can see how many people use which feature, so we can prioritize what features to implement or improve.
  • Error messages and exceptions from the website will send errors and exceptions from the website to so we can track what caused the problem and fix it accordingly.
  • Wish Pity will save your 4* pity count, 5* pity count, and 5* wish information (wish time, item name, pity count) if you check 'Submit pity for global wish stats' on Wish Auto Import or manually submit it on the Help & Settings menu. will aggregate the data and use it to calculate the average pity for each banner on users. You can check it here wish stats

What does NOT collect will never save passwords, UIDs, usernames, emails, temporary keys, or feedback url's. If you are interested, the project is open source and you can check the source code at paimon-moe-api Github and paimon-moe Github


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